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this journal exists primarily as a directory of my fic which right now is mostly in the inception fandom (although you can also find xmen:fc, tsn and hp here), and centered around filling the least kinky prompts in the kink memes, although I occasionally write not kinkmeme things. Nothing is terribly heavy--I like to write fluff and character studies (and strangely premised AUs, as well as the more typical ones).

if you're really desperate to know things about this person: Hi! I'm Kate (and that's not short for anything, thanks), but you can call me Walden. Or Kate. Or whatever, I'll probably respond.

I have a B.S. in ecology and my life since graduation has been a string of increasingly ridiculous work experiences. Currently I live in rural North America. I like a lot of things, and tried and failed to come up with a clever list of them to put here.

I'm an introvert, even online (especially online?) so be forewarned. In that vein, if you friend me I'll probably only friend you back if you drop me a note, somewhere, to say hello or something. I tend to assume people friend me to keep track of my fic, and not to read the occasional (boring) personal nonsense that comes up in my f-locked posts. Friending is a handy way to keep track of my fic if you happen to like it (if you aren't sure, the fic directory is here), but because of that I don't automatically friend back. Leave me a note, though, and I'll be sure to add you (and if I don't, give me an extra prod, because I tend to think I friended people when I...didn't). Additionally: perfectly fine to defriend for whatever reason without telling me. I am pretty drama-free, or at least I try to be.

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